Professional Services

WEPROG's kernel product is to produce ensembles of weather forecasts and their corresponding physical probability with our own multi-scheme ensemble prediction system (MSEPS).

In fact, WEPROG is specialised in setting up customer specific forecasting systems with development focus on our clients's needs and requirements.   

WEPROG operates it's forecasting systems in real-time where there are clients that request our ensemble forecast products. Because we can setup our own forecasting systems, we can serve customers more individually and more focused on their needs and requirements.

Forecasts are generated in accordance with the WMO (world meteorological organisation) recommendations and are usually available 4 times per day for the run cycles 00,06,12,18 UTC.

A selection of customised priducts that are derivates from our weather forecasts:  
  • Field and point data delivery for specific sites or areas of all weather parameters, wind power, ramp rate, physical uncertainty and probabilities for all continents
  • Worldwide wind power forecasts inclusive physical uncertainties and probabilities
  • Worldwide solar power forecasts inclusive physical uncertainties and probabilities
  • Development of individual components tailored to task specific requirements
  • Interactive graphical user interface for data plotting (PLATON)
  • Interactive graphical user interface for Traders (ELFI)
  • Advanced short term forecasts combined with measurements (iEnKF)
  • Intra-hour forecasts from native NWP high-time resolution output
  • Extreme event warning services to plant operators, system operators, traders
  • Long-term forecasts for system adequacy, reserve, trading 
  • Demand/transmission/wind/solar power integrated forecasting
  • Simulations for future scenarios with virtual wind/solar power capacity distributions
  • Optimisation tools for wind power in ensemble space
  • FREE weather WebAapp "find the weather you like" (WebApp)

Please look at our Products & Services Flyer for more detailed information and contact us to get an offer or to discuss with us the use of MSEPS system data for your own applications.

The video shows one of the many application of our forecasting solutions.

What is different about WEPROG's weather & energy forecasts ?

WEPROG's services and specialisation of weather forecasting for the energy industry required from the outset specialised hardware and software solutions. WEPROG's application, the MSEPS system, requires continuous research and development in both meteorological problems as well as computer technology, as the 3D-numerical modelling of the weather is strongly dependent on the computing tech- nology available to solve the numerical functions inside the weather models.

The efficiency of the programming source code is also dependent on the processor technology and hence the solvable problem size. The larger the model areas becomes, the more computing capacity is required. To keep highest performance in a cost effective framework is an ongoing challenge that requires continuous testing and recoding of software to be able to make use of technology advances.

WEPROG staff is taking on this responsibility together with their partners and collaborators to always be at the forefront of available technology and to be able to deliver continuous improvements over time. The fact that real-time operations are practised with customers on almost all continents is challenging, but it also provides a unique opportunity to identify issues and solve problems at places far away from target areas, which may be affected by such problems.